Thanks to the importance it gives to hygiene and people, Kayra Gıda, positioned in the HORECA sector and exports with its natural, healthy and reliable products,

and has been in the food industry with more than 300 varieties, from delicatessen products to fresh meat, from frozen further processed products to cheese group, from dairy products to appetizer groups, for 25 years

TBeing from one of the leading export companies of Turkey, Kayra Gıda continues to grow with its partners from day to day with an understanding of continuous service by collecting meat & delicatessen & cheese & chicken products under the same roof.


Our Mission & Our Vision

Our Mission ;
Bringing our hygienic, human-focused products that are suitable for Turkish taste together with the customers each passing day through new brands.

Our Vision ;
Taking part in international trade with an understanding of service growing day by day by offering local flavors to world cuisines and providing added value to our country in exports.

We export to 7 countries

Kayra Gıda, having the capacity to produce and present products that are suitable for the tastes of the people in the region of the Middle East and Africa and their current economic conditions, is proud of passing on to the international trade segment from the national level. Kayra brand, which keeps up with the contemporary time and is the favorite brand of the customers as well as the end consumers with its innovative products, is rapidly advancing on the path to becoming an authority in the major regions of the world besides its success in Turkey.

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