Meat Products

Growing from past to present, being open to innovations but having local values, following developments in the world, our company, which prioritizes health and taste, is aware of the fact that it is the address of quality...

  • From the farm to the table, the indispensable address of meat products that are suitable for traditional taste...

Chicken Products

Our company, which constantly develops new products, expands its current market and attaches importance to high technology as the facility, performs cutting manually in accordance with Islamic rules with regard to healthy and balanced nutrition.

  • Our products are classified as a whole chicken, piece products, delicatessen products, products with a plate, offals and processed products.


Cheese Products

Cheese, an indispensable part of our daily life, is one of the major consumer products that have a direct effect on human health. In this sense, the cheese group that we market by keeping quality and human health in the forefront in the name of social responsibility takes its place on your tables.

  • The main product group; feta cheese, whole fat cheddar cheese, and our regional flavors çeçil cheese, braided cheese, quark cheese, farmer cheese.

Olive Products

Olive and olive oil products are produced in compliance with EU standards. Our facilities, equipped with the most advanced technology and ISO9001, ISO22000, ISO14001, OHSAS 18001 and BRC certificates, add added value to our country by producing olives and table olives and olive oil collected from the producers in accordance with hygiene conditions.

  • Our table olives collected from the most beautiful regions of our country, Akhis

Frozen Products

With the product range, having high quality and high nutritional value, that we have developed, we meet the needs of the existing market and customer portfolio and we offer reliable products suitable for the taste of consumers.

  • In our frozen product group, there are products such as schnitzel, nugget, cordon bleu, cooked swivel, frozen sausage etc.

Appetizer Products

With our delicious and varied products presented to you, we are proud to offer our local flavors to the world market in terms of quality, hygiene, and service.

  • Bringing the tastes of Anatolia, produced with love, to the world, our company also contributes to the promotion of our country in a sense. Some of our products are; şakşuka (dried fried aubergines in tomato garlic sauce), stuffed grape leaves, stuffed green pepper, hummus etc.

Dairy Products

Our factory, which produces products in different packages with more than twenty kinds of dairy products, has always adopted the principle of always giving the best service to its customers.

  • Our products are produced in accordance with the taste of traditional Turkish taste at all stages from raw material entry to production, storage, marketing and reaching final consumer.

Fruit Juice Products

With the uncorrupted naturalness of Anatolia, we are enjoying the pleasure of bringing fruit juice taking place on your table to the foreign market with varieties of cherries, peaches, apricots and mixed fruits, which are one of the most delicious tastes.

  • Enjoy a healthy life with our juice varieties which meet your body energy needs and have high vitamin values.
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